Multicar M29

Multicar M29

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All seasons flexibly under control.

Sweeping in the spring. Mowing in the summer. Leaf-blowing in autumn. Snow-ploughing in the winter. The application options of the Multicar M29 are virtually unlimited. Thanks to its modular concept, the vehicle is extremely flexible and can be used for a wide range of applications, especially in situations where manoeuvrability and a compact design are called for. Developed and manufactured in Germany – Quality “Made in Germany”! In the municipal sector as much as in gardening & landscaping and in waste management. A genuine all-rounder – characterised by one thing above all: economically efficient working. And with its top speed of 62 km/h this Multicar quickly reaches the next job site!

The powerful multi-talent for both urban and rural areas
Whether cleaning city areas or maintaining green areas in parks or at cemeteries: The Multicar M29 is the optimal vehicle for working in confined spaces. With a width of only 1.32 metres, the multi-talent can access even narrow streets or service roads - with a payload of up to 3.2 tons!

Unlimited range of application possibilities
From gritter superstructures to lifting platforms: There is hardly anything the Multicar M29 can’t do, making it the perfect implement carrier for a wide range of applications: From transportation to working in agriculture, from municipal applications such as cleaning traffic areas and maintaining green areas or as an implement carrier for special hydraulic tools. The vehicle’s portfolio currently comprises 98 attachments and superstructures for variable use. What are your individual requirements in your business?

Optimal - comfort
Perfect working conditions for the driver: With large lowslung windows for an optimal panoramic view onto the road and the traffic as well as the front attachments. The air conditioning ensures pleasant cockpit temperatures – all year round. Moreover, the cabin has been designed to provide noise insulation and protect the driver. Clearly structured: The vehicle’s operating elements are ergonomically designed to ensure easy operation of all functions and just as easy changing of attachments!

For more safety on the road
Elaborately spring-mounted heavy-duty commercial vehicle axles ‘made in Germany’ provide the high payload of the Multicar M29 and ensure safe driving and operation. The heavy-duty frame, providing stable road-holding characteristics in all operating situations, is another aspect of the safety concept.