T14 S, T20 - T25 S/SF

T14 S, T20 - T25 S/SF

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The T14 S, T20 - T25 S/SF pallet trucks have a particularly narrow chassis, barely wider than a pallet. Together with a precise electrical steering unit, this feature ensures that the pallet truck is perfectly maneuverable. You can increase handling capacity even in constricted spaces. The construction of the platform plays an important role. It is completely separate from the chassis and absorbs most vibration arising from uneven surfaces. The high standing position makes processes safer. From their position, the driver can keep an eye on the fork, and pick up pallets quickly. The T14 S, T20 - T25 S/SF pallet trucks have a maximum lifting capacity of 1400, 2000 or 2500 kg depending on the model.

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