Scrubmaster B120 R

Scrubmaster B120 R

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Area coverage up to 5,800 m² cleaned/hour.

Increased area performance and superior manoeuvrability: The Scrubmaster B120 R has been designed to meet the highest demands when it comes to cleaning shopping centres, production halls and highly frequented buildings such as train stations and airports. With its tank capacity of 120 litres combined with high operational performance and available in four different working widths, the machine enables fast and efficient cleaning of large and medium-sized areas. Moreover, its compact dimensions and a 90-degree steering angle make the Scrubmaster highly manoeuvrable and flexible in use. The machine can be equipped with either disc- or cylindrical brushes, which allows adapting the configuration to meet individual cleaning requirements. The Scrubmaster B120 R provides a perfect workplace for the operator: ergonomically designed and equipped with sophisticated technical details that ensure efficient working. Hako – Innovative ideas that pay off in the daily work routine.