E12–E20 EVO (three-wheeled)

E12–E20 EVO (three-wheeled)

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The three-wheeled trucks of the E12–E20 EVO series offer a wide range of models with different battery sizes, overall heights or aisle widths and can therefore be configured according to the requirements of each individual customer. The trucks also allow for precision load handling in tight spaces. Thanks to the turntable axle, the driver can turn up to 180 degrees with one movement of the steering wheel. Two three-phase motors integrated in the front axle, powered by 24 or 48 volt batteries, guarantee a powerful drive and offer outstanding acceleration and top speeds. The energy management system ensures the batteries are used to full capacity, minimizing consumption. What’s more, all E12–E20 EVO forklift models can also be equipped with Li-ION batteries which allow for efficient multiple-shift operation without the need for battery replacement.